Plumbing & Drainage Inspections

An approval under Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993 for sanitary drainage and water supply work is required to be issued by Council prior to any plumbing and drainage inspection booking.

Plumbing and Drainage inspections associated with an approved Section 68 Approval  can be booked via:

Council's MyInspect booking service

Telephone: 1300 842 361

Please note that stormwater inspections are mandatory critical stage inspections and must be completed by the Principal Certifier for the development.

For all plumbing & drainage work the following forms are required to be submitted to Council:

Local Government Approval Section 68

Plumbing and Drainage Notice of Work (NoW)

Plumbing and Drainage Certificate of Compliance (CoC)

Sewer Service Diagram requirements

Sewer Service Diagram Template Portrait(PDF, 110KB)

Sewer Service Diagram Template Landscape(PDF, 107KB)

For more information about required documents, see inspection documents.