Plasrefine Waste Proposal

What is the proposed Plasrefine development?

A State Significant Development Application has been lodged with the State Government to construct and operate a plastic waste sorting and recycling facility in Moss Vale.

According to the information available on the State Government’s website, the proposed plastics recycling facility would extract mixed plastics from waste, sort the plastics into different types, and convert the various plastics to plastic flakes and pellets and polyester fibre and resins.

The proposed location of the plastics recycling facility is 74-76 Beaconsfield Road in Moss Vale.  The site is located on the south-eastern boundary of the Southern Highlands Innovation Park (SHIP).

Information on the proposed development can be found on the State Significant Development website at: 

Where is the assessment up to?

An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was lodged with the Department of Planning in January 2022.  The EIS and supporting technical studies are currently on public exhibition until 22 March 2022.

The community are encouraged to review the information available at and make a submission via the State Significant Development website? 

How can the community have a say about the proposed development?

The most effective way of having your say, or having an input in the assessment process is to make a submission directly to the State Government through the State Significant Development website:

While Council has been made aware of the concerns of residents, it is important for the community to make submissions (either for or against the proposed development) directly to the State Government as the determining authority. 

As part of Council’s submission on the EIS, submissions received by Council will be attached for the Department’s information as a reflection of the issues raised by the community.  However, any submissions received by Council will not be considered by the Department, so it is important for the community to make their submissions directly through the State Significant Development website.  

What is Council’s role in the assessment of the application?

The proposed development is being assessed as a State Significant Development, and Council is not the consent authority. 

Now that an EIS has been lodged, Council is undertaking a detailed assessment of the proposal, and will make a submission on the proposed development.  Council’s submission will be reported to Council in April before being submitted to the Department of Planning and Environment for their consideration. 

Community meeting

Council is aware of significant concerns being raised by residents.  To assist the community in understanding the process, and providing feedback on the proposed development, Council will facilitate a public meeting at the Civic Centre in Moss Vale on Thursday 17 March from 5 to 6pm. 

Bookings are essential and can be made via Eventbrite