Public Interest Disclosures Policy

The updated Public Interest Disclosures Policy was adopted by Council on 14 December 2022.

The Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994 (PID Act) sets in place a framework to encourage public officials to report serious wrongdoing. The purpose of this policy is to establish an internal reporting system for all employees of Wingecarribee Shire Council (Council) and Councillors to report wrongdoing without fear of reprisal. The policy, together with the Public Interest Disclosures Procedure (PID procedure), sets out who can receive a report of wrongdoing within Council, what sort of matters should be reported, and how reports of wrongdoing will be dealt with by Council. 

This policy is designed to complement normal communication channels between supervisors and staff. Staff are encouraged to raise matters of concern at any time with their supervisors, but also have the option of making a report about a public interest issue in accordance with this policy and the PID Act.

This policy is just one in the suite of Council’s complaint handling policies, which include the Complaint Handling Policy and the Complaint Handling Procedure.

The internal reporting system established under this policy is not intended to be used for staff grievances, which should be raised through the Grievance and Dispute General Manager Practice Note and Grievance and Dispute Procedure. If a staff member makes a report under this policy which is substantially a grievance, the matter will be referred to Council’s People and Culture branch to be dealt with in accordance with the grievance and dispute procedures.