Strategic Approach

Wingecarribee 2031, describes an area with thriving primary industries, a diverse and sustainable economy attracting (and retaining) people in the area. However, with no intervention, our region is on a path to a different type of future. By 2041, based on the current trajectory, half of the population is expected to be over the age of 55. We have time to adjust our course, creating new jobs which will attract young families to the area and help to rebalance our demographics into the future.

Charting a new course, and with reference to Wingecarribee 2031, the Southern Highlands Destination Strategy 2020-2030 is built on the foundation of four pillars. 

People - We will attract new jobs/residents and ensure we have the required local training.

Place - We will enable our towns and villages to strengthen as vibrant and active places respecting the heritage.

Prosperity - We will focus on key industries that can add jobs and value to our economy.

Partnership - We will work with industry partners to deliver our new future.