Agritourism and Farm Stay Accommodation

New exempt and complying provisions came into force on 1 December 2022 which enable primary producers to explore opportunities for agritourism and broader farm stay accommodation opportunities on their property.

The NSW Department of Planning & Environment describes agritourism as:

A generally tourism-related experience that connects agricultural products, people or places with visitors to a farm. Agritourism has an important role in creating a more direct connection between the primary producer and the end consumer which allows regional economies to showcase what is special about a region and provides a connection for the visitors to the land.

Distinct from other commercial or tourism uses, agritourism has an essential connection with the agricultural use of the land. Although the agricultural use may be seasonal, the dominant purpose of the land must remain a commercial farm on which agriculture is undertaken. Agritourism must be ancillary to the agriculture being undertaken on the farm. This is important to ensure agricultural land is retained in NSW.

To assist our rural producers, Council has prepared a fact sheet on Agritourism and Farm Stay Accommodation.

Agritourism & Farm Stay Accommodation Fact Sheet(PDF, 298KB)

Southern Highlands Destination Strategy 2020-2030

The Southern Highlands Destination Strategy 2020-2030 identifies Agribusiness and Equine as significant industries within the Shire, with a focus on increasing overall economic value and job creation. 

In the wake of drought and bushfires and during significant industry disruption caused by Covid-19, Wingecarribee Shire Council, Destination Sydney Surrounds South, growers and producers together with other government agencies and industry experts focused on these industry sectors.

Two projects ran concurrently – Agribusiness & Equine Industry and Facilities; and the Southern Highlands Produce Hub Feasibility Study – which facilitated collaboration on key common elements.

On 15 June 2022 Council noted the work undertaken on these projects, including actions on which Council and others may assume lead roles. Two reports and the feasibility study have been made available and opportunity remains for development of new initiatives.

Agribusiness Equine Facilities Summary Plan for the Future(PDF, 6MB)

Agribusiness Equine Industries Summary Plan for the Future(PDF, 7MB)

Southern Highlands Produce Hub Feasibility Study May 2021(PDF, 2MB)