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What's Up In Waste?

Recycled Products Available at the RRC

Recycled products are available at the RRC:

  • Coarse Mulch
  • Fine Mulch
  • Screened Woodchip

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2018 Waste Collection Calendars Available

Hard copies of the 2018 Waste Collection Calendar are now available through Customer Service in the council building in Moss Vale.

If you just want to check on-line where your collections are up to:

Are you in the Orange or Purple Collection Zone?

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Link Icon2017 Calendar (External Link)

Link Icon2018 Calendar (External Link)

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Weekly Recycling for Four Weeks!

Don't forget there is weekly recycling between 25/12/17 to 19/1/18.

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Weekly Recycling Collections until 19/1/18

A reminder that additional recycling collections will be taking place over the Christmas/New Year period.

From 25/12/17 until 19/1/18 recycling bins will be collected weekly.

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Please note that bins are collected on the usual day, irrespective of the public holiday however trucks may run earlier than usual. Please have bins kerbside the night before the scheduled day.

'Return and Earn' Container Deposit Scheme

The NSW Return and Earn container deposit scheme will commence on Friday, December 1.

There are collection points registered in the Southern Highlands.

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Mulch Loads Must be Covered

It is a legal requirement that loads are covered when driving on NSW roads.

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Customers are reminded that anyone coming to purchase mulch products at the Resource Recovery Centre must have the ability to cover the load before leaving. 

Sale of product will be refused if:

  • on entry, the load cannot be covered
  • on exit, the load is not covered

Changed Traffic Conditions at Resource Recovery Centre

Due to remediation works taking place at the RRC, traffic flows have changed significantly on site. This includes the relocation of some waste stockpiles.

Please follow instructions / new signage.

Animal Shelter Visitors – please access the Shelter via the Saleyards car park

What Soft Plastics are Accepted for Free at the RRC?

What is Soft Plastic?

  • Single use plastic shopping bags
  • Clean film plastics – glad wrap, cling film, plastic wrap, bubble wrap
  • No mixed material eg metal/plastic, no paper (eg shop dockets)
  • If you can push your finger through the plastic then it should be OK. 

What Kind of Soft Plastic is Accepted at the RRC?

Although there are many kinds of soft plastics, the only kind the RRC can accept for free is:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Clean cling wrap
  • Clear A4 sheet protectors
  • Clear plastic bags
  • Clear plastic newspaper wrapping
  • Snap/Zip lock bags

If you aren’t sure, please feel free to ask at our Community Recycling Centre at the RRC.


  • Plastic bags never go into the yellow lidded recycling bin: not for recycling and not with recycling inside. 
  • Supermarket shopping bags can generally be returned to the shops they came from - remember no shop dockets inside

Link IconWhat goes in the yellow lidded recycling bin? (Internal Link)

External Links:

Link Iconhttp://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-05-24/what-plastics-can-i-recycle-war-on-waste/8548658

Planet Ark:
Link Iconhttp://recyclingweek.planetark.org/documents/doc-712-plastic-bags-factsheet.pdf

Link Iconhttp://www.redcycle.net.au/what-to-redcycle/

Fees and Charges for 2017-18

Below are the links to the Fees and Charges for 2017-18:

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Community Recycling Centre

Watch out for the Community Recycling Centre cut outs as they move around the Shire.

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Picture of CRC cutoutPicture of CRC cutout

Last Updated: February 14th, 2018
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