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Wingecarribee Shire Council’s Resource Recovery Centre has recycled products for sale.

Products For Sale 2017-18 (PDF, 479KB)

Customers purchasing mulch from the RRC must be able to cover their load when leaving site.
Product Availability as at 12/3/18


  • Coarse Mulch
  • Fine Mulch


  • Screened Woodchip



  • The RRC is able to deliver larger quantities of our products, with our tipper able to hold up to 4.5t or approx. 9-10m³. 
  • Delivery within the shire is $95 plus the cost of the product being delivered. 
  • Delivery outside the shire is by arrangement
  • Call 4868-0540 to organise your delivery.

Coarse Mulch Delivery Special
  • 1 truckload of Coarse Mulch delivered within the shire $140


Screened Wood Chip

  • $57.00/t
  • Made from chipped clean timber eg pallets. 
  • This product is suitable for weed suppression and moisture retention and is suitable for phosphorous sensitive plants such as small natives. 
  • 1m³ weighs approximately 280kg, depending on moisture content.

Picture of woodchip in handPicture of Woodchip

Coarse Mulch

  • $21.00/t 
  • Made from the garden organics that has been collected by the domestic collection trucks and brought in by residents/businesses. This waste is sorted for contamination on a daily basis.
  • This stockpile is mulched and placed in large windrows. 
  • The product is pasteurised, which eliminated weed seeds, then screened and tested to Australian Standards.
  • Great all-round garden mulch, good at suppressing weeds and retaining soil moisture. Not suitable for phosphorous sensitive plants. 
  • 1m³ weighs approximately 510kg, depending on moisture content.

Picture of Coarse MulchPicture of woodchip in hand

Fine Mulch

  • $34.50/t
  • Made from the mulch (above), the product is screened to a finer consistency. 
  • This is the product previously sold as Compost.
  • Suitable for digging in to the soil to add nutrients.
  • 1m³ weighs approximately 550kg, depending on moisture content.

Picture of Fine Mulch 2

Picture of Fine Mulch

Health Risks: 

As for all products of this nature, there are health risks associated with their use. Before using any of our products please refer to the Consumer Information Sheet (PDF,92KB)

Last Updated: March 12th, 2018
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