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Student Resources

The student resources located here are designed in assisting students with school, TAFE or University research. 

linkWingecarribee Our Future Strategic Plan, 2002

linkWingecarribee Local Environmental Plan 2010

Urban Dynamics

The following material relates to the topic of Urban Dynamics.

PDFExurbanisation Notes (PDF, 40kB)

PDFUrban Consolidation - advantages & disadvantages (PDF, 9kB)

Community Profile Information

The Community Profile compares demographic characteristics and change between 2001 and 2006.

PDFCommunity Profile Summary (PDF, 12kB)
PDFCommunity Profile Report June 2008 (PDF, 2MB)

Population Growth Projections

PDFWingecarribee Today Newsletter on Residential Growth Strategy to 2020 (PDF, 1MB)

This paper outlines Council's strategy for managing future residential growth to 2020. It should be noted that, currently, Council does not support proceeding with the Wensleydale and Gibbergunyah sites.

The NSW Department of Planning website contains a spreadsheet relating to population growth projections. Click on the 'Local Government Areas' tab and then select 'Wingecarribee' from the drop down LGA menu.


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