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Standard Drawings

The standard drawings show construction layouts and details of infrastructure assets that are acceptable to Wingecarribee Shire Council.

Click here to access Standard Drawings for Water & Sewerage


Below is a list of standard drawings that support Development Control Plan (DCP) 41.


Drawing Number  Title    Size 
PDFSD 101 Typical Road Cross Sections   199kB
PDFSD 102 Standard Kerb and Gutter Shapes   181kB
PDFSD 103 Crest Vertical Curves   181kB
PDFSD 104 Sag and Vertical Curves   165kB
PDFSD 105 Typical Kerb Return Designs   119kB
PDFSD 106 Typical Geometry of Cul-de-sac   102kB
PDFSD 107 Residential Vehicular Crossing   181kB
PDFSD 108 Business and Industrial Vehicular Crossing   202kB
PDFSD 109 High and Low Level Vehicular Crossing   199kB
PDFSD 110 Rural Vehicular Crossing   210kB
PDFSD 111 Standard Kerb Ramps   133kB
PDFSD 112 Standard Kerb Inlet Pit  213kB
PDFSD 113 Standard Junction Pit 233kB
PDFSD 114 Standard Surcharge Inlet Pit 187kB
PDFSD 115 Standard Dished Gutter Inlet Pit 204kB
SD 116 Standard Surface Inlet Pit Deleted 10/02
PDFSD 117 Standard Trench Grate 152kB
PDFSD 118 Concrete Footpaving Details 250kB
PDFSD 119 Street Sign Name   162kB
PDFSD 120   Subsoil Drain Detail   103kB
PDFSD 121 Detail for Upgrading Unformed Roads 155kB
PDFSD 122 Causeway Gradings   77kB
PDFSD 123 Driveway Gradings 277kB
PDFSD 124 Flow Deflectors in Pits   123kB
PDFSD 125 Threshold Treatment   125kB
PDFSD 126 Standard Interallotment Drainage Junction Pit   137kB
PDFSD 127 Standard Surcharge Pit (Light Duty) 231kB
PDFSD 128 Mountable Type Kerb with Reflector   129kB
PDFSD 129 Splay Corner   78kB
PDFSD 130 Standard Pathway Barrier 136kB
PDFSD 131 Flood Warning Sign  111kB
PDFSD 132 Direct Interallotment Drainage Connection   86kB
PDFSD 133 Sample Fill Plan 122kB
PDFSD 134 Footpath Allocation Space for Services 116kB
PDFSD 135 Engineering Plan Submission General Order of Sheets   109kB
PDFSD 136  Convertor 125kB
PDFSD 137 Carriageway Turning Head Geometry for Accessway  98kB
SD 138 Level Crossing Guard Angle Detail Draft n.a.
pdfSD 139 Standard Sign for Parks   143kB
PDFSD 140 Standard Extended Kerb Inlet to suit Existing Kerb and Gutter 170kB
PDFSD 141 Standard Tree Planting Technique and Tree Guard   112kB
SD 142 Headwall Litter Guard   Draft n.a.
PDFSD 143 Heavy Duty Grate Letterbox Pit   161kB
PDFSD 144 Roadside Vegetation Clearing Zones   109kB
PDFSD 145  (1) Picnic Seat/Table Combination (2 Sheets)  177kB
PDFSD 145 (2)    173kB
PDFSD 146 Cycleway Detail - Typical Cross Section 26kB
PDFSD 147 Road Swale Treatment Water Sensitive Urban Stormwater Drainage 40kB
SD 148SD148 Roadside Vegetation 264kB
PDFSD 149 Roadside Mowing   250kB
PDFSD 150 Roadside Mowing   261kB

Last Updated: March 14th, 2017
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