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Water Wise Initiatives

Council has recently adopted a revised ‘Drought Management Plan’ and policy. New Water Wise Initiatives have been recommended as part of this plan.


Effective immediately, the new Water Wise Initiatives replace existing water restrictions. The initiatives include:


  • Watering with sprinklers and irrigation systems is allowed any day before 10am and after 4pm thereby avoiding watering in the heat of the day
  • All hand hoses must have a trigger nozzles and watering using hand held hoses should be avoided between 10am and 4pm
  • Instead of hosing hard surfaces, use a broom to clean up leaves, grass clippings, dirt, dust or general litter on paths or driveways
  • Washing vehicles is allowed however wash on your lawn wherever possible. This helps to water your lawn and also avoids adding to stormwater pollution.


The Water Wise Initiatives are applicable to all Southern Highlands residents.


Council has relaxed the existing water restrictions to enable the water wise inititaives. However, if local dam storage levels drop below 75 per cent capacity, Council will look at reintroducing some restrictive measures.


Recycled water, bore water and water used for testing fire systems, fire fighting and related activities are exempt from the Water Wise Initiatives.


Water Wise Inititaive Media Release