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Roadside Trees & Vegetation

Council has adopted a set of principles for Roadside Tree Corridors in the Wingecarribee Shire.

The aim of these Principles is to give guidance for the planting or removal of roadside trees and vegetation, and to combine conservation of native biodiversity and the rural ambience of the Shire with practical and efficient maintenance of roads and the services located within roads.

Members of the public who are considering planting or removing trees or other vegetation within a road reserve are required to obtain consent from Council to ensure that their actions satisfy both parties' objectives.

Note that no person may plant or remove vegetation in a road reserve without the express approval of Council.

Removal without Council approval can result in legal action being taken.

This can range from a fine through to criminal proceedings and prosecution. Don’t hesitate to contact Council.

Annual Roadside Weed Control Strategy (PDF, 935Kb)

Application to Remove Roadside Vegetation (PDF, 84Kb)

Guidelines for Assessment of Tree Removal Applications Flow Chart (PDF, 275Kb)

Roadside Mowing Rural (PDF, 1Mb)

Roadside Mowing Urban (PDF, 564Kb)

Tree Management Plan & Procedure Manual (PDF, 5Mb)

What is Roadside Vegetation - Fact Sheet (PDF, 697Kb)

    Last Updated: October 8th, 2014
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