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Wingecarribee Community Assistance Scheme

Information on the Scheme

The Community Assistance Scheme encourages the development of community initiatives in line with Council’s Community Strategic Plan – Wingecarribee 2031.

All goals and strategies from the plan seek to attain an outcome that is sustainable and strives for equity, access and equal rights, particularly for the disadvantaged and vulnerable.

The Community Assistance Scheme aims to build capacity, encourage participation and support initiatives that promote partnerships and working together to maintain our community and its assets. 


Apply online via the link below:

PDF2018/19 Community Assistance Scheme (External Link)

Applications close 4 pm, 30 March 2018 (please note this is Good Friday).


PDF2018/19 CAS Guidelines (PDF, 577 kB)

How to submit your application
• Applications must be submitted online.

• Access to the internet and an email address will be required.
• The application must be submitted by the due date
• Late or incomplete applications will be not considered


Supporting Documents

Community Strategic Plan - Wingecarribee 2031

For further information on this scheme contact:


Community Development Coordinator
Cath Brennan

Telephone: (02) 4868-0761

Email: community.development@wsc.nsw.gov.au

Previous Rounds


List of Recipients from Previous Years

PDFList of successful CAS recipients 2017/18 (PDF, 230kb)

pdfList of successful CAS recipients 2016/17

pdf iconList of successful CAS Recipients 2015/2016

uuList of successful CAS Recipients 2014/2015

PDFList of successful Grant Recipients 2013/14 (PDF, 10kB)

PDFList of Grant Recipients 2012/13 (PDF, 18kB)

PDFList of Grant recipients 2011/12 (PDF, 9kB)

PDFList of Donation recipients 2010/11 (PDF, 9kB)
PDFList of Grant recipients 2010/11 (PDF, 9kB)

PDFList of Donation & Grant recipients 2009/10 (PDF, 24kB)

Last Updated: March 6th, 2018
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