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Public Participation in Council Decision Making

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Copies of meeting Agendas are available to the public from Friday afternoon prior to the meeting at Council Meeting Agendas & Minutes. Limited copies of the Agenda are also available at the meetings.


Local Government in Australia is based on the principle of representative democracy. This means that the people elect representatives to their local Council to make decisions on their behalf. In New South Wales, local government elections are held every four years. At each election, voters elect nine Councillors for a four year term. All residents
of the area who are on the electoral roll are eligible to vote. Property owners who live outside the area and rate paying lessees can also vote, but must register their intention to vote on the non residential roll. Voting is compulsory. Residents are able to raise issues with, and make representations to, the elected Councillors. The Councillors, if they agree with the issue or representation, may pursue the matter on the resident's behalf, thus allowing members of the public to influence the development of policy.

Last Updated: March 17th, 2017
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