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Policy, Guidelines & Procedures

As a requirement of the Children (Education and Care Services National Law Application) Act 2010 and Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011 (external link) Children’s Services are required to have a range of Policies and Procedures which guide the operation, management and day to day practices of the service.

Our Policy, Guideline and Procedures are developed to incorporate the legislative laws and regulations and using “best practice models” in line with industry standards and community expectations.


Our Policy, Guideline and Procedures are available at the following locations:

  • The Coordination Unit Office - 71 Boardman Rd, Bowral
  • Wingecarribee Out of School Hours Service - located at Mittagong Public School Hall. 3-6pm week days school term time and most vacation care periods.
  • Each individual Family Day Care Educators residence.


The Children's Service team are currently reviewing our Policy, Guideline and Procedures in line with the new national laws and regulations, as finalised they will be made available on the Council website.


Policy and Procedures


Overriding Council Governance and Management Policy & Guidelines

linkGovernance and Management of WSC Children's Services Policy (internal link)


Operational Procedures

PDF A - Ethical Conduct V1.1 (PDF, 273KB)

PDFB - Determining Responsible Persons V1.1 (PDF, 362KB)

PDF C- Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations V1.1 (PDF 269KB)

PDF D - Visitor, Volunteer and Students V 1.2 (PDF 284KB)

E - Interactions with Children V1.1 (PDF, 275KB)PDF


Out of School Hours Care Behaviour Guidance (PDF 160Kb)

PDF F - Educational program and Practice V1.1 (PDF, 833KB)

PDFG - Development & Review of Philosophy, Policy, Guideline & Procedures (PDF, 210kB)

PDFH- Confidentiality and Management of Records (PDF, 189kB)

PDFI - Grievance, Compliants and Feedback (PDF, 410kB)

PDFJ - Arrival and Departure of Children (PDF, 173kB)

PDFK - Enrolment and Orientation (PDF, 198kB)

PDFAf - Engagement and Registration of Educators V1.1 (PDF, 388KB)

PDFBf - Educator Assistant (PDF, 176kB)

PDFCf - Ongoing FDc Educator Requirements (PDF, 249kB)

PDFDf - Family Day Care Fee Procedure (PDF, 261kB)

Ef - Monitor, Support, Supervision & Training of FDC Educators (PDFPDF 363Kb)


Ff - Non Compliance and De Registration of FDC Educators (326KB)

PDFAO - Out of School Hours Fees (PDF, 189kB)

 Health, Safety and Wellbeing Procedures

PDF 1 - Supervision V1.1 (PDF, 437KB)

PDF 2 - Child Protection V1.3 (PDF, 443KB)

PDF3 - Water Safety V1.2 (286KB)

PDF4 - Sleep & Rest (PDF, 208kB)

PDF 5 - Medical Conditions V1.3 (PDF, 321KB)

PDF 6 - First Aid V1.1 (PDF, 320KB)

PDF 7 - Incident, Injury, Trauma & Illness V1.1 (PDF, 327KB)

PDF 8 - Emergency & Evacuation V1.1 (PDF 318Kb)

PDF8a - Emergency and Evacuation - Bushfire Specific (PDF, 472kB)

PDF9 - Excursion and Transport V1.1 (PDF 309KB)

PDF10 - Sun Safety V1.2 (PDF 363KB)

PDF11 - Illness, Infectious Disease, Immunisation and Exclusion (PDF 243kB)

PDF12 - Health, Hygiene & Infection Control (PDF, 278kB)

PDFWOOSH Hazardous Materials (PDF 139Kb)

PDF13 - Healthy Eating and Food Handling (PDF, 235kB)

14 - Animal and Pet Procedure (PDF, 279KB) PDF29.pdf

Last Updated: May 9th, 2017
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