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Planning Proposal - Chelsea Gardens/Coomungie Urban Release Area


At its Ordinary Meeting of 9 December 2015, Council resolved as follows with regard to the Planning Proposal affecting land known as Chelsea Gardens and Coomungie:

1. THAT Council not proceed with the making of the Amendment to Wingecarribee Local Environmental Plan 2010 to rezone Lot 12 DP 866036, 32 Lovelle Street, Moss Vale (Chelsea Gardens) and Lot 3 DP 706194, 141 Yarrawa Road, Moss Vale (Coomungie) from RU2 Rural Landscape to R2 Low Density Residential and amend the minimum lot size for the land from 40ha to 450sqm.

2. THAT Council request the Minister for Planning to determine, under Section 58(4) of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979, that the Planning Proposal not proceed.

3. THAT the Proponents and Respondents be informed of Council’s decision.

As the result of a Motion Arising, the following Resolution was also passed:

THAT in view of the Department of Planning’s reduction of some 4,600 people in their 2031 population projections and the abundant residential zoned land identified by Council, a Planning Proposal be prepared requesting that the Minister for Planning remove the Chelsea Gardens and Coomungie properties as Urban Release Areas from WLEP2010.

These resolutions are currently being actioned by Council.

PURPOSE: The Planning Proposal applies to land known as “Coomungie” (Lot 3 DP706194, 141 Yarrawa Road, Moss Vale) and “Chelsea Gardens” (Lot 12 DP 866036, 32 Lovelle Street, Moss Vale). 

The subject land is included as an Urban Release Area in Wingecarribee Local Environmental Plan 2010 and the owners of the land have been granted permission by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment to proceed with a Planning Proposal to rezone of the land for residential purposes and amend the minimum lot size accordingly. 

Wingecarribee Shire Council is the relevant Planning Authority for the administration of the Planning Proposal.

The status of this Planning Proposal and copies of all documentation lodged with the Department of Planning & Environment with regard to this Planning Proposal may be viewed on the Department's website using this link.  

DELEGATION: The Gateway Determination was issued with the notification that Wingecarribee Shire Council is not authorised to exercise the functions of the Minister under Section 59 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 that are delegated to it by instrument of delegation dated 14 October 2012 in relation to this Planning Proposal. 

This means that if Council resolves to support the Planning Proposal following the community consultation process, that the Department of Planning and Environment will process the making of the WLEP 2010 amendment.

Enquiries about this Planning Proposal should be directed to:

Susan Stannard, 

Acting Coordinator Strategic Planning 

Telephone - 4868 0854 

Email - susan.stannard@wsc.nsw.gov.au. 

Public Exhibition Documents

pdf Power Point Presentation 2 November 2015

pdf Exhibition Notification Letter 

pdfCouncil Planning Proposal Version 2 for Public Exhibition

pdf JRPP Pre Gateway Review Report

pdf Gateway Determination

pdf WSC Response re Relevant Planning Authority

pdf Proponent's Pre Gateway Planning Proposal

pdf Proponent's covering Letter to final Planning Proposal

pdf Proponent's Final Planning Proposal

pdf Stormwater Management Report

pdf Traffic Modelling Report

pdf Water & Waste Water Servicing Report

pdf Water Concept Plan - Final Development

pdf Waste water Concept Plan - Stage 1

pdf Waste water Concept Plan - Final Development

pdf Neighbourhood Centre Viability Assessment

pdf Geotech Report

pdf Council Report 23 June 2010

pdf Council Report 14 August 2013

pdf Council Resolution 14 August 2013

pdf Council Report 9 October 2013

pdf Council Resolution 9 October 2013

Links to other relevant documents on Council's website.

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Last Updated: January 12th, 2016
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