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Planning Proposal - To Rezone 3 Sites from RE1 Public Recreation to Various Zones, Remove 2 Sites from Land Acquisition Maps and Reclassify 1 Site from Community to Operational

Public Hearing

A Public Hearing for this Planning Proposal pertaining to Lot 126 Anembo Street Moss Vale is being conducted on Thursday 26 March 2015. All persons who made submissions regarding Lot 126 Anembo Street, Moss Vale will receive a written invitation.

Venue: Theaterette, Civic Centre Moss Vale - Entrance from Donkin Ave.

Time: 5.30pm to 7.30pm (sign in 5.15pm)

Report from Public Hearing: 

pdfPublic Hearing Report (PDF, 61kB)


The purpose of this Planning Proposal is to amend WLEP 2010 to:

  1. Rezone Lot 1, DP 781256 from RE1 to R2 Low Density Residential and amend the minimum lot size to 700sqm and remove it from the Land Acquisition Map,
  2. Rezone Part Lot 10, DP 597322 from RE1 to E2 Environmental Conservation and remove it from the Land Acquisition Map,
  3. Rezone Lot 126, DP 263356 from RE1 to R2 Low Density Residential and amend the minimum lot size to 700sqm and reclassify it from Community to Operational.


Objectives or Intended Outcomes 

The objective and intended outcomes of this Planning Proposal is to remove Items 1 and 2 above from Council's WLEP 2010 Land Acquisition Maps, as the particular properties are no longer considered by Council to be of future public benefit as open space. The properties are currently privately owned and have been historically listed for future acquisition by Council for public open space. A recent audit of land listed in WLEP 2010 for acquisition was undertaken and these two properties were no longer considered to be of benefit to the community as open space.

In respect of Item 3 above, Council resolved in 2011 to dispose of the land as it had little public benefit as open space. To do so Council required a contamination report to be undertaken. The contamination report is now complete (refer to documents at bottom of page) and the site has been given the all clear for residential use.

Land Affected

  • Lot 1 DP781256 - No. 45 Hoskins Street, Moss Vale
  • Lot 10 DP597322 - No. 7 Ellen Street, Bowral
  • Lot 126 DP263356 - Public Land Anembo Street, Moss Vale


On exhibition from dates below

Exhibition Dates

12 November 2014 to 30 January 2015

Closing Date & Contact Details for Submissions

Submissions closed 4.30pm, 30 January 2015.

For enquiries, contact: 

David Matthews, Coordinator Strategic Planning

Email: mail@wsc.nsw.gov.au 

Telephone: (02) 4868-0888. 

Include the file reference 5901/39 in all correspondence with Council regarding this Planning Proposal.

Written Authorisation to Exercise Delegation

The Gateway Determination was issued with the notification that Wingecarribee Shire Council is not authorised to exercise the functions of the Minister for Planning under section 59 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, as the Govenor's approval is required due to the proposed reclassification of land.

PP_2014_WINGE_007_00 is the Department of Planning & Infrastructure's reference for this Planning Proposal and can be found on their LEP Tracking System here (click on link).

Exhibition Documents

pdfPlanning Proposal Report by Council (PDF, 5.9MB)

pdfAttachment 1 Council Report 12 Oct 2011 (PDF, 52kB)

pdfAttachment 2 Contamination Report by SEEC 29 April 2014 (PDF, 4.6MB)

pdfAttachment 3 Sydney Catchment Authority Comments (PDF, 203kB)

pdfAttachment 4 Gateway Determination (PDF, 227kB)

pdfAttachment 5 NSW Rural Fire Service Comments (PDF, 905kB)

pdfAttachment 6 Council Report November 2013 (PDF, 1.6MB)

Last Updated: June 10th, 2015
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