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How Council Functions Affect Members of the Public

The functions of Wingecarribee Shire Council, with the exception of internal functions, all impact on the community.


Many of the services and facilities the community utilise are provided by Council, including the maintenance and construction of roads and reserves, infrastructure works, the provision of a garbage collection service, library services, child care services and various other community services.


Council controls and regulates development and construction, health standards and traffic management to ensure community safety and environmental protection. Members of the community have a responsibility to abide by the statutory regulations.


All the community is affected by and benefits through Council raising revenue via rates, fees and charges to fund facilities and services provided.


Council has various requirements to comply with under the Local Government Act. These include the support of the elected representatives, the facilitation of Council, Committee and public meetings, and the preparation of statutory documentation including Council’s Delivery Program and Operation Plan which outlines Council’s future direction.

Community Engagement

Community planning and development functions affect areas such as cultural development, social planning and community profiling and involves:

  • Advocating and planning for the needs of our community. This includes initiating partnerships, participating in Regional State or Federal working parties, and preparation and implementation of the Community Plan
  • Providing support to community and sporting organisations through provision of grants, training and information
  • Facilitating opportunities for people to participate in the life of the community through the conduct of a range of community events, as well as promoting events of others

Last Updated: March 25th, 2015
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