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Functions of Wingecarribee Shire Council

Under the Local Government Act, 1993 (Section 8) Council must among other things, give consideration to:

  • providing directly, or on behalf of other levels of government, adequate, equitable and appropriate services and facilities for the community
  • ensuring that provided services are managed efficiently and effectively
  • exercising community leadership
  • exercising its functions in a manner that is consistent with and actively promotes the principle of cultural diversity
  • properly managing, developing, protecting, restoring, enhancing and conserving the environment of the area for which it is responsible, in a manner that is consistent with and promotes the principles of ecologically sustainable development
  • the long term and cumulative effects of its decisions
  • the fact that it is the custodian and trustee of public assets
  • effectively accounting for and managing the assets for which it is responsible;
  • facilitating the involvement of Councillors, members of the public, users of facilities and services and Council staff in the development, improvement and coordination of local government
  • raising funds for local purposes by way of rates, charges and fees, investments, loans and grants
  • keeping the local community informed about its activities
  • ensuring that, in the exercise of its regulatory functions, it acts consistently and without bias
  • being a responsible employer.

The role of Council, however, extends well beyond these statutory considerations. Council provides an important focus and rallying point for the community. Council can be the vehicle for harnessing local concerns about specific issues, or for pursuing their community’s visions and ideas. The community will look to Council to protect it from potential natural dangers, and for support in times of need.

Last Updated: March 25th, 2015
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