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Fire & Emergency Services Levy (FESL)

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From 1 July 2017 NSW councils will collect the Fire and Emergency Services Levy (FESL) from property owners alongside their rates, on behalf of the NSW Government.

The Fire and Emergency Services Levy (FESL) is replacing the existing Emergency Services Levy collected through home and business insurance premiums and provides funding to the NSW Fire and Rescue, NSW Rural Fire Service and the State Emergency Service to protect the community from fire, floods and other natural disasters.

Under the new legislation, Council is required to collect and pass on the full amount of the Fire and Emergency Services Levy (FESL) paid by ratepayers to the Office of State Revenue on a quarterly basis.

The amount of the Fire and Emergency Service Levy for each property will be set by the NSW Government and is determined by the land classification assigned by Council and unimproved land valuation issued by the NSW Valuer General.

There are six classifications set out in the Fire and Emergency Service Levy Act 2017: Government, Public Benefit, Residential, Farmland, Commercial and Industrial. In addition, properties classified as Residential, Commercial or Industrial are sub classified as ‘Vacant’ or ‘Non-Vacant’.

Property owners will be notified by Council of their land classification for the purpose of the Fire and Emergency Services Levy (FESL) in April 2017. If you do not agree with the land classification assigned to your property, you can request a review by completing the

pdf Application for Review of FESL Land Classification Form (PDF 400kB) and forwarding it to

Email: mail@wsc.nsw.gov.au
Post: PO Box 141 MOSS VALE NSW 2577
Hand Deliver: Civic Centre, Elizabeth Street, MOSS VALE NSW 2577

Pensioners receiving a rebate on their council rates will be eligible for a concession of up to $50 per annum on the amount of the levy they pay.

Learn more about the change, or contact FESL directly at

Website: http://fesl.nsw.gov.au

Email: FESL.info@treasury.nsw.gov.au

Phone: 1300 78 78 72

If you have any questions about changes to your insurance premium, contact the insurance monitor on 1300 607 723 or visit Emergency Services Levy Insurance Monitor.

Last Updated: May 4th, 2017
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