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Fact Sheets

Council has published the following Fact Sheets for your information.


PDFBuying or Selling a Property with a Septic Tank (PDF, 99kB)


PDFDevelopment Applications for Rural Subdivisions (PDF, 100kB)


PDFExceptions to Development Standards - Clause 4-6 (PDF, 56kB)


PDFFlora & Fauna Assessment (PDF, 95kB)


linkGuide to lodging Approvals Applications (internal link)

PDFGuidelines for Booking Street Stalls (PDF, 67kB)


PDFHeritage (PDF, 80kB)

PDFHoardings (PDF, 25kB)

PDFHow to determine if you need Council approval to remove or lop trees (PDF, 79.2 kB)


PDFLiquor Licensed Premises (PDF, kB)


PDFNine Steps of Development Application (PDF, 400kB)

PDFNoise Restrictions (PDF, 24kB)


PDFOn-site Wastewater Assessment (PDF, 239kB)

PDFFact Sheet: Opening your garden for public inspection (PDF, 110kB)


PDFRemoving a possum from your roof (PDF, 290kB)


PDFSection 94A Developer Contribution Plans (PDF, 57kB)

PDFSite Analysis (PDF, 28kB)

PDFStaged Development or Development in Stages (PDF, 77kB)

PDFState Environmental Planning Policy No.1 Development Standards (SEPP 1) (PDF, 45kB)

PDFStatement of Environmental Effects - Minor Development (PDF, 31kB)

PDFSwimming Pool Information & Pool Fences (54kB)


PDFTourist and Visitor Accommodation (PDF, 605kB)


PDFWater Determination Policy (PDF, 45kB)

PDFWater Tanks & required Backflow Prevention for Dwelling Houses (PDF, 139kB)

PDFWhat Specialist Reports May Be Required with My Development Application (PDF, 200kB)

PDFWhy should I choose Council as the Accrediation Authority and the Principal Certifying Authority (PCA)? (PDF, 57kB)

External Fact Sheets

linkComplying Development and Bushfire requirements (external link)

PDFLPMA - Fact Sheet Landowners & potential applicants for development of land neighbouring Crown Land (PDF, external link)

linkEntertainment at Venues (external link)

PDFEnvironmental Management guidelines for the Dairy Industry (PDF, external link) 

linkPlanning Tools at the NSW Planning Portal
(external link)

linkExempt & Complying - Commercial & Industrial Code (external link)

linkSpecial Events : Guide to Traffic & Transport Management, Template & Planning Guide (external link)

PDFSwimming Pool Legislation (PDF, external link)

PDFSwimming Pool Checklist (PDF, external link)

linkSwimming Pool - CPR guideline (external link)

Last Updated: July 1st, 2016
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