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The Wingecarribee Shire is fortunate in having an exceptionally diverse range of flora, fauna, and geographical variances within the one catchment, with Council having care and control of more than 40 significant remnant bushland reserves totaling over 4000 hectares, as well as caring for a number of significant watercourses and wetlands.

Volunteer Bush Regenerators play an essential complementary role in Council’s management of this bushland. This role is primarily concerned with regeneration of degraded bushland areas and increasing the health of bushland within the Shire.

During the 2016-17 financial year Wingecarribee Bushcare volunteers involved with the 17 active groups worked 179 sessions contributing a total of 3,237 hours of bush regeneration work worth $113,295. A total of 6,712 local provenance native plants grown in the Wingecarribee Community Nursery were planted on public land. 

During the 2015-16 financial year Wingecarribee Bushcare volunteers worked 181 sessions, contributing 3,099 hours of bush regeneration work worth $108,448. The Community Nursery supplied the 11,020 local provenance native plants that were planted on public lands in the Shire.

The Volunteer Bush Regeneration program is integrated with the works of Council staff, contractors and other community groups which all contribute to Council management of bushland on a catchment basis.


Get Involved!

pdfWingecarribee Bushcare November 2016.pdf(PDF, 640 Kb)
PDF2016 Volunteer Application Form - Bushcare (PDF, 512 Kb)

Council's Bushcare Program is designed to integrate the community with the management of bushland. Members of the community are welcome to play an active role in bushland rehabilitation and assist Council with management issues related to the reserves.

For more information on how to volunteer with your local Bushcare group, contact:

Bushland Project Officer

Telephone: (02) 4868-0828

All Bushcare volunteers need to be registered and given a safety induction before commencing any work on site.

Bushcare network events

Council facilitates various Bushcare training and educational events through the year to promote the acheivements of Bushcare / Rivercare / Landcare volunteers and to provide them with skills training.

A very successful bus tour of Berrima and Moss Vale Bushcare sites, including the Community Nursery, and presentations on the Koala Monitoring Project and the Conservation Partnerships Program took place on Wednesday 6th Sept 2017. A report on the June Bushcare tour can be downloaded from here:  Bushcare Berrima & Moss Vale sites tour

PDF icon Berrima - Moss Vale Bushcare Tour (PDF 470 Kb)

A bus tour of six of the sites in the Bundanoon-Penrose cluster was held on 24 March 2017 and further tours will be organised in September and March over the next few years. A report on the February tour can be downloaded here: 

 Tour of Bundanoon-Penrose Bushcare sites  (PDF 460 Kb)

Bushcare Groups

Berrima Bushcare   

PDF Stonequarry Walk brochure (PDF 1.0 Mb)

1st & 3rd Monday of the month

Burrawang Bushcare    

4th Wednesday of the month

Centennial Park Bushcare

PDFCentennial Park Final Report HN 9140, (PDF 1.9 Mb)

1st Wednesday of the month

Community Nursery  Moss Vale   

  Community Nursery Update April 2017  (PDF 2.5 Mb)

1st Saturday of the month

Chinaman's Creek Bushcare  Mittagong

3rd Wednesday of the month

Currabunda Bushcare   Bundanoon

PDFCurrabunda Wetland Bushcare (PDF 2.2 Mb)

PDFCurrabunda Bushcare Plan (PDF 740 Kb)

1st & 3rd Friday of the month

Glow Worm Glen Bushcare   Bundanoon

pdf symbolGlow Worm Glen track brochure (PDF 500 Kb)

PDF icon

Unmade Governors Road brochure (560 Kb)

2nd Sunday of the month at Glow Worm Glen track

4th Tuesday of the month at Unmade Governors Road

Hammock Hill Bushcare   East Bowral

2nd Friday of the month 

Hill Top Bushcare    Hill Top

Last Sunday of the month

Leaver Park Bushcare   Bundanoon

pdf iconLeaver Park Bushcare Information Sheet

2nd Thursday of the month

Mansfield Reserve Bushcare   East Bowral

pdf symbol About Mansfield Reserve  (PDF 270 Kb)

4th Wednesday of the month

Mt Gibraltar Landcare Bushcare   Bowral/Mittagong

PDF Mt Gibraltar Heritage Quarries Booklet (PDF 770 Kb)

  linkAbout Mt Gibraltar Reserve

link About the Heritage Quarries Restoration Project

Every Thursday 

Mittagong Creek Rivercare   Bowral

Mittagong Creek Rivercare overview (PDF 380 Kb)
2nd Thursday of the month

Moss Vale Landcare Group

PDF icon

Moss Vale Landcare brochure (PDF 830 Kb)

   2015 NSW Landcare Award Nomination  (PDF 1.4 Mb)

pdfReport on National Tree Day planting on Whites Ck - 11 Oct 2014 (bottom of page)

4th Friday & 2nd Saturday of the month 

Penrose Swamps Conservation Group

(PSCG operates under the auspices of NSW Forestry Corp)

PDF Penrose Swamps Conservation Group brochure (PDF 580 Kb)

  In the spotlight - John Shepherd, OEH 17 March 2016

4th Thursday of the month 

Reedy Creek Rivercare Bundanoon

1st Wednesday of the month
Rotary Park APS Bushcare   Mittagong

  March 2016 Planting Day

PDFRotary Park planting day Nov 2014 (PDF 900 Kb)

PDFRotary Park Bushcare Plan (PDF 830 Kb)
planting events on an ad hoc basis - contact us for details

Yerrinbool Bushcare    Yerrinbool
2nd Wednesday of the month 
Robertson Environmental Protection Society REPS

1st Wednesday & last Saturday of the month
Last Updated: November 23rd, 2017
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