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Southern Highlands Koala Conservation Project

This short film showcases the valuable work being undertaken to conserve our koala population in the Southern Highlands.

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The Southern Highlands Koala Conservation Project aims to conserve the koala population in the Southern Highlands. The project involves a number of key agencies including the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage, Sydney University, as well as Wingecarribee Shire Council (via the Environment Levy).

The overall aims of the project are to:

  • provide a clear direction for the long-term conservation of koalas in the Southern Highlands.
  • locate koala populations and satellite collar up to 20 koalas in the local area, to tell us where koalas live and breed and how many there are.
  • map key habitat and movement corridors throughout the Wingecarribee Shire, which will in turn help guide land-use planning decisions and conservation investment so that the Southern Highlands will have a healthy, breeding population of koalas in 100 years.

What is Council doing?

  • Establishment of a Koala Hotline (4868 0888) and Facebook page
  • Compilation and maintenance of a koala sightings database
  • Community engagement and education activities with local schools and community groups
  • Installation of koala road signs at known hot-spots
  • Ongoing monitoring and research to map koala habitat and movement corridors (in partnership with the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage and the University of Sydney).
  • Working towards developing the Southern Highlands Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management

Latest News

linkFacebook page (external link)

pdfKoala update April 2015 (PDF, 500kB)

What do I do if I see a Koala?

  • Report your sighting, or evidence of activity (scats, scratchings, bellowing, etc) to the Koala Hotline - 4868 0888 or via the Southern Highlands Koala Facebook page
  • Do not attempt to pat a koala! They may look cuddly, but koalas have sharp claws and can be aggressive if threatened. Stay a safe distance away to take photos.
  • If the koala appears injured call:
    Wildlife Rescue South Coast 0418 427 214 or
    WIRES 4862 1788

What else can I do to help? 

  • Keep dogs secured while you are not at home and preferably indoors at night. Consider owning a small dog.
  • Dogs should be kept on a leash at all times outside the home. Notify Council if you see dogs roaming or un-leashed.
  • Erect koala friendly fences. Open form fencing (wire, post and rail) or pailings are best. Consider a fence bridge and fence capping if you have colorbond.
  • Incorporate trees into the fenceline or place overlapping trees on each side of the fence to form a bridge.
  • Maintain healthy bushland around your home and plant a variety of native feed trees and shrubs.
  • Consider planting koala’s favourite feed trees:
    Eucalyptus punctata, E.viminalis , E.tereticornis, & E.agglomerata
  • Drive slowly and cautiously in peri-urban areas, particularly at night. 
  • Swimming pools - drape a secured piece of rope, shade cloth or gutter guard into the pool to enable koalas to climb out if they fall in.

More information

pdfWSC Koala hotline brochure (PDF, 300kB)

linkLearn more about koalas (NSW Office of Environment & Heritage)

For further information about the Southern Highlands Koala Conservation Project, please contact Council's Environmental Projects Officer on (02) 4868 0813 or email Joe.Stammers@wsc.nsw.gov.au


Last Updated: February 29th, 2016
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