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Bushfire Danger Period

The Bush Fire Danger Period commenced 1st October 2017  

During the Bush Fire Danger Period burning is prohibited in towns. In village and rural areas a permit is required from the Rural Fire Services.
Rural Fire Services have notified Council that no fire permits will be given from 1 October 2017.

For further information on the Bush Fire Danger Period please visit :


Bush Fire Danger Period (external link)

During the Bush Fire Danger Period any person wishing to light a fire will require a permit issued by their local Rural Fire Service Brigade Captain.

Total Fire Ban or No Burn days
Burning is prohibited on a Total Fire Ban (External link) or when a
No Burn Notice (External Link) has been issued.

Pile Burns 

Pile burning conditions Pile burning conditions (PDF, 160 Kb)

The key things to remember

  • You need a fire permit if it's the Bush Fire Danger Period. 
  • Just because it's the Bush Fire Danger Period doesn't mean you can't use fire - but there are restrictions to ensure fire is used safely.
  • Getting a permit is free and easy. Contact your local Fire Control Centre.

There are heavy penalties if you don't follow restrictions or rules.

To check the Fire Danger Rating or if a Total Fire Ban is in place for your area visit :

 LinkFire Danger Rating and Total Fire Ban Information (external link)

HyperlinkFire Danger Ratings (external link)

Fire Danger Ratings 

HyperlinkTotal Fire Ban Rules (external link)

Total Fire Ban

Residents are urged to complete a Bush Fire Survival Plan and ensure all members of the household know what to do on days of increased fire danger and if their home is threatened by fire.

Residents should prepare their property by removing flammable materials from their yards, clearing gutters of leaves, checking hoses and, where appropriate, conducting hazard reduction activities.

Last Updated: October 17th, 2017
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