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Development Control Plans & Council Endorsed Policies

Wingecarribee Local Environmental Plan 2010 identifies 'what' is permissible within each zone.  The Development Control Plan (DCP) described 'how' that development is to occur.

DCPs provide specific, comprehensive guidelines for certain types of development, or area specific requirements for localities. The DCP is an important planning tool because it provides a flexible means of identifying additional (to the LEP) development controls and standards for addressing development issues at a local level.


The DCPs are a suite of documents providing practical information to support development that retains and enhances the natural and cultural heritage values of the Wingecarribee Local Government Area.

The DCPs provide principles and controls for development that are site responsive, innovative and contribute to the character of each locality within the Shire. Each DCP seeks to promote safe, lively and pleasant streets, to provide equity of access to all members of the community, and to promote more comfortable and sustainable living and working environments.

The DCPs may be viewed using the first green link below.  They have been updated to reflect recent amendments to signage, ecologically sustainable development and residential development, the latter primarily to clarify existing controls.  The amended sections may be viewed using the links below:

pdf Signage amendments

pdf Ecologically sustainable development amendments

pdf Residential amendments


Flood studies and maps may be viewed here.

Last Updated: April 19th, 2018
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