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Bush Fire Six Week Get Ready Challenge

Bush fires. How prepared are you ?

Lets work together to prepare our shire for the bush fire season!

With such dramatic changes in weather patterns and recent experiences in our shire it is more important than ever to prepare our homes and family to minimise bush fire risk.

The Challenge is a 6 week ‘one email a week’ program of activities designed to assist you and your family prepare for the bush fire season ahead. 

The 2017 Challenge will start on Monday 18 September following the RFS Get Ready Weekend although we will continue to accept signups after this date and forward already published emails for completion at your own pace if you start late.

Do you and your family a huge favour and join the Challenge in 2017 and share this opportunity with anyone you think could benefit from it. You never know, it might save their lives.

The Challenge contains lots of activities but we want to point out that even if you only complete one activity each week you will still be streets ahead when it comes to protecting yourself from Bush Fire.

Sign up here: 6 Week Get Ready Challenge

6 Week Bush Fire Get Ready Challenge

Last Updated: September 1st, 2017
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